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How a guy made his dad “Vidyapati”

1960s arrived. The 500th birth anniversary of Vidyapati! For the uninitiated, Vidyapati is the greatest of all Maithili poets. Maithili, as the name suggests, is the language of Mithila in North Bihar. My Ma-Babooji, my […]


Bihar’s political strongmen feel heat

Bihar’s political strongmen are feeling the heat ahead of the Assembly polls. Political potshots in Bihar are being aimed at leaders such as Anant Kumar Singh and Ram Kishor Singh alias Rama Singh. These two […]


Former IPS Officer’s Explosive Interview on Hathras Gangrape Case: Modi and Yogi are paying a lip service on Hathras and Balrampur gang rapes to save their Dalit vote bank

Amitabh Kumar Das is an IPS Officer of 1994 Batch. He was forced to retire last year and is fighting for that in the Court. After his CRS, he founded ‘Bihar Viplavi Parishad’ this year. […]

TMC Special

When Dimple Kapadia took on Jay Prakash Narayan

The year was 1975. The month was January or February. Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. A very unpopular one. JP (the socialist stalwart Jayprakash Narayan) was going to address an opposition rally at the […]

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