101 year old Indian Freedom Fighter H S Doreswamy joins protests against CAA and NRC

101 year old Freedom Fighter H. S. Doreswamy who made time bombs to destroy properties of British rulers during independece fight and later gave in violence and joined Gandhi joined protests against CAA and NRC at Freedom Park in Bengaluru.

Doreswmy has been championing causes that are close to his Gandhian ideology at this old age even he was found among protesters in Bangalore who were protesting against CAA and proposed NRC. A twitter user shared his video while Gandhi’s favourite song is being played and he is being offered Nariyal Paani by the protesters and he is also reciprocating.

In his interview to The Hindu, he had said that Gandhi would have launched a satyagraha in Kashmir asking the Union government to retract the repealing of Article 370.


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