Bihar Law Minister Accused of Mocking Laws in illegal appointment of his Son as Special Public Prosecutor

Bihar Law Cum Education Minister Krishna Nandan Verma

Bihar Education Cum Law Minister Krishna Nandan Prasad Verma has been accused of appointing his son Mukesh Nandan Verma as a special Public Prosecutor in POSCO Court of Jahanbad without following the standard procedure.

In a petition (8433/2019) filed by Sushil Kumar Chaudhary to the Patna High Court, the petitioner alleged that the appointment of Public Prosecutors in Labour, Human Rights and Excise courts including Minister’s son in POSCO court was illegal as no rule was followed.

“Appointment of Public Prosecutors without following the rules including floating an advertisement is against the decision of honourable High Court in a case (No.16891 of 2017) Vijay Kumar Vimal vs The State Of Bihar & Others on 16 July, 2018,” said the petition.

Counsel of the petitioner Dinu Kumar in a conversation with The Morning Chronicle told that a notice had been issued to the Law minister and he had to clarify on the issue before the Patna High Court. Next hearing would be on 18 June, 2019.

Law Minister is an MLA from Ghosi of Jahanabad from JD (U). His son practiced as a lawyer in Jahanabad session court before his appointment as Special Public Prosecutor on January 10 this year.

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