BJP ally joins Congress on Rafale issue in parliament

Why Rafale contract awarded to those who are not even capable to run Metro properly: Shiv Sena MP Arvind Sawant

Issue of Rafale has been talk of the house today. Government and Opposition both hit out at each other. Besides opposition parties, even ally of the government also joined the opposition and questioned over the Rafale deal.

NDA ally, Shiv Sena MP Arvind Sawant asked (his own) government that when a government company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was present in the country, then why was the Reliance company made an offset partner of Rafale? Sawant said that former CMD of HAL had said that he could manufacture Rafale jet, despite the government ignored HAL.

MP Sawant said that the government, ignored an old government company and believed in a company which is not even able to operate the metro properly.

It is noteworthy that Reliance Infrastructure owned by Anil Ambani company operates New Delhi-Airport Express Metro Line. The company got this contract also in Modi regime.

Sawant, the Leader of the Shiv Sena, also addressed Anil Ambani “Double A” in solidarity with Rahul Gandhi in the House. Double A means Anil Ambani. (The Speaker of the House Sumitra Mahajan asked Rahul Gandhi not to name Anil Ambani, then Rahul asked if he could call him AA.) He asked if our government is clean then why are we afraid of JPC? It is important to note that the Congress has been seeking the investigation of this matter with the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC).

TMC MP Saugata Roy raised objection to Jaitley’s participation in the discussion on Rafale in the House and asked why Jaitley was answering when Defense Minister was present in the House. He said that this is probably the first time that the respective minister is present in the House and a minister of some other department is responding.

Saugata said that the Modi government has destroyed the 70-year-old government company (HAL) and awarded the contract to a new private company, which already has a debt of Rs 8000 crore. Saugata Roy said that Reliance is already facing a loss of Rs 40,000 crore.

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