Nitish Kumar’s morality at stake in Shelter Home Sex Scandal

-Mohammad Mansoor Alam

Nitish Kumar since his resignation as a Rail Minister after a major train accident has been known for his high moral standards. Nitish Kumar as a Rail Minister had resigned taking moral responsibility of the Gaisal train disaster in Assam in August 1999 that had killed at least 290 people. He was only rail minister after Lal Bahadur Shastri who had taken moral responsibility being in charge of the ministry and resigned. His gesture had ranked him to the stature of Lal Bahadur Shastri who had also resigned from his post taking moral responsibility of the Ariyalur train accident in Tamil Nadu in November 1956 that had killed at least 142 people.

Since then, there were many train accidents but no minister left the post. Suresh Prabhu and others of the BJP being the rail ministers had seen more than 500 accidents including more or less 20 major accidents.

Nitish Kumar not only resigned once after the fateful accident but he demonstrated his morality when he was in alliance with the RJD in addition to the resignation post 2014 defeat in general elections. He had broken the alliance with the RJD on ground that Lalu Prasad Yadav was jailed and Tejashwi Yadav was allegedly found involved in some scams though before reaching his maturity.  However, political pundits are of the view that it was just a pretence to part with the RJD to make a fresh alliance with the BJP.

After parting with the the RJD, the new government with old partner BJP, Bihar has seen many wrongs including Rs 1000 crore Srijan Scam, Rs 15 crore Toilet Scam, Rs. 389 crore Dam Collapse in Bhagalpur including poor law and order situations, uncontrollable rape cases and most recent Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Sex Scandal.

Scams in Nitish New Regime

Srijan Scam is one the most infamous scams in Bihar that took place in the reign of Nitish Kumar. It was the scam likely initiated when Sushil Modi, his friend was finance minister. Rekha Modi, sister of then finance minister Sushil Modi was found in direct financial transactions with Srijan accused. Media had reported with clear evidences after the scam was unearthed. Although, this is being investigated by the CBI but in vain. Till now no big breakthrough in the case has been heard.

In Srijan Scam, neither any minister on ground of morality resigned nor Nitish Kumar expressed his moral standards as usual. At least on the same ground he broke his alliance with the RJD. He did not seek resignation from Sushil Modi whose sister is found directly involved.

In the Rs 15 crore Shauchalaya (Toilet) Scam, state government officers, NGOs and bankers were allegedly found. The main accused, executive engineer Vinay Kumar Sinha, and PHED accountant Biteshwar Prasad roped in four NGOs-Adi Shakti Sewa Sansthan, Maa Sarveshwari Seva Sansthan, Satyam Shivam Kala Kendra (Patna) and Shiv Seva Sansthan (Maner)-to siphon off the money, as India Today reported.

Collapse of Gateshwar Panth Canal in Bhagalpur was also a matter of high corruption but ignored by the media. According to the report published in India Dot Com, a major portion of Gateshwar Panth Canal Project was collapsed on 20 september, 2017. The Rs 389.31 crore worth project was to be inaugurated by the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the same day.

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Minister of Water Resources, Lallan Singh said that the dam broke due to release of water in full capacity. “The incident has not caused any damage to the newly constructed part of the project,” he had said while defending the administration.

Tejashwi Yadav had accused Nitish Kumar for this. “One more dam has been sacrificed to corruption…The Water Resources department is a den of corruption…wonder why the Chief Minister is silent on that?” He had tweeted,

Poor Law and Order

Since new era of Nitish Kumar with the BJP, law and order is getting aggravated everyday. Theft, rape, murder and loot cases have become every day news. Local newspapers are black with such type of news. Jahanabad infamous case of gang rape, Killing of RTI activist in East Champaran are a few among many. Killing of several RJD workers is also a matter of concern. It goes without saying that Bihar Police has not left any stone unturned to tackle the post incident situations competently however it is no big use acting after a crime. Success of administration lies in preventing the crime rather than chasing the criminal after the crime.

Why is NITISH not Dismissing Manju Verma in Muzaffarpur Sex Scandal?

The most heinous scam is recent sex scandal at Muzaffarpur Shelter Home involving at least 38 innocent and helpless girls. Kumari   Manju Verma is the Social Welfare Minister in the Govt. of Bihar. Her husband Chandeshwar Verma is the alleged kingpin of the Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Sex Scandal, the biggest such scandal in the history  of the state. After this scam was unearthed, several statements are heard in press that seem not more than rhetoric. No action has so far been done. Minister’s husband is still scot free. Police has not even troubled to question him whereas the same Police acted immediately to arrest a Vegetable vendor’s son on suspicion of bike theft and released later when media reported wrongdoing behind the scene.

A senior IPS Officer, on condition of anonymity states that Bihar politics is caste-based and Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi are no different. They do the same politics Lalu Yadav did. Albeit Lalu Yadav’s caste politics was exaggerated and his image was maligned more than enough. He states that Manju Verma continues to adorn the Nitish Cabinet because she comes from the powerful Koeri caste. Among the backward castes, Koeris or Kushwahas are second only to the Yadavas in numbers. Nitish Kumar has assiduously built his Lav-Kush combination which consists of Kurmis and Koeris. With the Lok Sabha polls only 9 months away, the Bihar CM can’t afford to incur Koeris wrath. Therefore, Sushasan Babu has put his “antaratma” on hold. And Manju Verma, guided by her Pati Parmeshwar (husband), continues to look after hapless girls’ welfare!

(Mohammad Mansoor Alam is a citizen journalist. His views are personal.)

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