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Gurgaon hosts inter community Iftar

New Delhi, June 10,2018 (TMC Desk) Today became the historic day as Gurgaon hosted its first inter-community iftar. Gurgaon residents have been facing an onslaught of right wing hindutva zealots supported by the state’s Chief Minister, […]


How Real is Reality – II

-R K Chandrika Having taken a quick look at what Physics and Neurosciences say about reality, we examine two more aspects of reality. Reality at the mental level How much do we own the thoughts […]

Wellness Within

Better Bitter

-R K Chandrika To take another step in the matter of detoxification (What a lot of house cleaning to do, before you can begin setting it in order!), we address a critical organ, the liver. […]

Wellness Within

Fast Detox

What can we call toxins? Any substance (or feeling, or interpretation) absorbed by a living being that is not essential, or upsets its optimal equilibrium and functioning is a toxin.   Since the body follows the […]