Unemployment Effect? Engineers, Business Post Graduates among applicants for the post of sweepers

Jobs of Sweepers in Tamil Nadu Secretariat attracted Engineering and Business post graduates

You decide whether it is employment crisis or desire for getting one piece job in government sector that is already shrinking and privatisation is increasing. However it is a very pathetic situation when high degree holders strive for becoming sweepers and sanitary workers.

Yes. High degree holders including engineering and business graduates have applied for the 14 posts that include 10 for sweepers and 4 for sanitary workers in Tamil Nadu Assembly Secretariat.

According to a report published in Hindustan Times, for the post of 10 sweepers and 4 sanitary workers, applications were invited by Tamil Nadu Assembly Secretariat on September 26 in which 4607 applications were received. Out of the received applications, 677 applications were rejected as they did not meet the requirements.

About 4 thousand applications were accepted that included applications from M. Tech, B. Tech, graduates and post graduates. Some applications were received from Employment Exchange as well.

After this story was reported some have questioned over poor education system whereas some opine that it is employment crisis.

3930 admit cards have been sent to the respective candidates for the interview. Salary would be in a range from 15,700 to 50,000 rupees per month.

Minimum eligibility was abled-body and 18 years of age. Maximum age was differed.

Some time back, Maharashtra Ministry (State Secretariat) had invited applications for waiter. For the 13 posts of waiters there were more than seven thousands applications. Most of the applicants were graduates.

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