2G Spectrum case goes Bofors way

Photo Credit: Zee News.

–TMC Desk

New Delhi, 22 December 2017: The ruling of the special court in the 2G spectrum case has reminded old timers of the famous Bofors case which led to the defeat of the then Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi in 1989.

V P Singh came to power in December 1989 but main beneficiary was Bhartiya Janta Party which won 88 Lok Sabha seats against only 2 in 1984. As VP Singh’s Janta Dal could win only 142 seats, the BJP and other smaller parties gave outside support.

Fourteen years later (Feb 2004), the court cleared Rajiv Gandhi of all the charges. Incidentally, that was a time when BJP led NDA was in power.

So, like 2G spectrum case today the congress leaders then claimed that Bofors was used as a weapon to target the Rajeev Gandhi Government.

What is ironical is that in1999 Kargil war the Indian Army used Bofors guns to beat back Pakistan backed infiltrators.

Almost 14 years after the Bofors verdict came the 2G spectrum ruling. Once again BJP government is in power and jubilant Congress is speaking the same language.

Three months after the Bofors verdict Congress and its allies won the Lok Sabha Election. Indeed, Congress is anticipating similar resurgence in the wake of 2G scam verdict.


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