An encounter the Uttar Pradesh Government Denied

Kalpana Tiwari, wife of deceased Vivek Tiwari (Photo: ANI)

Since Yogi Aditynath took over the reins of power in Uttar Pradesh, the state has become notorious in police encounters. A social organisation Rihai Manch has been up in arms against these encounters these days and its activists are found struggling to be heard but in vain.

Another killing by Uttar Pradesh Police of a sales manager of a big technology company Apple in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday seems prima facie an encounter however it is denied by the government.

According to a report published in The Times of India, A UP police constable on duty allegedly shot dead a sales manager of a mobile company suspecting him to be a thief in Makhdumpur police outpost in Lucknow’s Gomti Nagar police station extension in wee hours of Saturday. The deceased Vivek Tewari along with his friend Sana Khan was travelling in a car and was intercepted by constables Prashant Kumar and Sandeep Kumar.

Accused Constable in his police station after the encounter

The constables intercepted their vehicle and asked them to stop, however, the vehicle went ahead and rammed a lamp-post. Later, Prashant fired at the vehicle which hit the windscreen of the vehicle and bumped into Tewari, the newspaper quoted Sana Khan in its report.

As per official data, ever since the Yogi Adityanath-led government came to power , there have been more than 1500 police encounters in the state. According to information released by Uttar Pradesh Police, there were 1500 police encounter in Uttar Pradesh and 50 have been reported death.

India Today in its investigative report, had revealed that cops are ready to frame innocent people and kill them in staged encounters for money and promotions.

In Agra Zone, which has accounted for 241 encounters, a sub-inspector in Chitra Hat police station offered to gun down an innocent civilian for around Rs 8 lakh.

After publication of the report, the office of the DGP in a tweet said the DGP has taken a serious note of the matter. The tweet said three policemen have been suspended.

Since Yogi Adityath became Chief Minister of the state, he has given free hands to Police to curb crime in state. However, the way innocent citizens are being targetted government’s integrity of curbing the crime is at stake. This killing of Tewari has again raised a big question mark on Yogi government.

Tewari’s wife Kaplana Tiwari has questioned the way her husband was killed. “CM Aditynath should come and talk to me.”She was quoted by the ANI. She said if police had any suspicion on his behaviour they should have traced the car from transport department and talked to Tiwari. Why should he have been shot dead.

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