Arvind Kejriwal Attacked With Chilli Powder: Delhi Police Rambles

Snapshot of the visual of attack on Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was attacked by a man with chilli powder inside the Delhi Secretariat on Tuesday.

Delhi Police claiming the attack as unintentional seems as if Delhi Police is rambling and trying to shrug off its responsibility to protect Delhi’s CM.

In its first statement Delhi Police said that the alleged attacker came to meet CM and chilli powder fell down from his hand.

“Anil Kumar (pic 1) came to meet Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in the Secretariat to share his grievances. He handed a note to the CM & touched his feet, and chilli powder fell down from his hand (pic 2). Probe underway whether it was an attack or powder fell unintentionally,” Delhi Police told the news agency ANI.

In its second statement Delhi Police said that when Anil Sharma bowed down to touch CM’s feet, CM’s security tried to remove him and consequently Kejriwal’s spectacles fell down.

“Meanwhile, A Sharma bowed down to touch CM’s feet. CM’s security tried to remove him & CM’s spectacles fell down. Security personnel removed Sharma aside&found him carrying a pouch in his hand,which got torn&was apparently containing chilly powder.He has been detained,” Police told the media.

In its last statement today, Delhi police told that Police took suo-motu cognisance of the incident and registered a case.

“Police taking suo-motu cognisance of the incident & registering a case. Accused now apprehended. No formal complaint received yet,” Delhi Police told the media.

The police claims however are conflicting and seem as if Delhi Police is rambling.

Delhi Government asked the Delhi Police what if the man had some weapon carrying and why it is denying the attack. Delhi govt also said that it would explore legal options to deal with the situation.

“Is Delhi Police even aware what would have been the consequences had this attacker carried any other weapon with him? What was the compulsion of Delhi Police to deny the attack till CCTV coverage exposed it? We’ll explore all legal options to deal with the situation,” Kejriwal’s govt said.

Delhi government further questioned over security lapses of the government which is the responsibility of Delhi Police under control of the BJP government in centre.

“Instead of owning up its serious lapses, the Delhi Police is spreading lies under political pressure. Will they answer-Can anyone enter the Secretariat with a packet of chilli powder and matchbox unchecked? Is there any checking done of people entering the Secretariat?” Govt added.

Leaders in opposition have also raised questions over alleged attack on Arvind Kejriwal. Former Kashmir Chief Minister asked if chilly lost gravity and fell in Kejriwal’s eyes.

“How does chilli powder that “falls from his hand” defy gravity & fall upwards in to @ArvindKejriwal ji’s eyes?” Omar Abdullah tweeted.

Bihar Leader Of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav termed it as a security lapse and condemned the attack.

“Condemn the attack on Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal ji in Delhi Secretariat . This is a serious security lapse,” Yadav tweeted.

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