BJP Promised Rs. 200 to Join Rally But Failed to Pay

In Amit Shah’s Jan Abhiyan Program, people were allegedly hired for Rs. 200 each but not paid. In a video of News18 going viral, some flag holders of BJP are accusing the party that they were promised to pay Rs. 200 for joining a Jan Abhiyan program hosted by Amit Shah but not paid.

In the video, some people with a BJP badge and saffron coats are seen as if they are coming from a BJP rally. Labourers by their physique are looking apparently disappointed and helpless.

They accused the BJP that they were asked to join a Jan Abhiyan Program of Amit Shah and were promised a sum of two hundred rupees but not paid. One of them told that what he would answer to his family if return empty handed as he had two to three children and the promised sum was his hope of income for the day.

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