‘Chemical fertilisers and pesticides affected seed diversity’

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–TMC Desk

New Delhi, Nov 27: Introduction of chemical fertilisers and pesticides by MNCs has had negative impact on the seed diversity in the country, said environmentalist Vandana Shiva on Monday.

“These chemical companies would produce harmful chemicals to be used in the detention camps by Hitler. Post the Second World War, they shifted to pesticide business. Punjab alone has lost 250 seed varieties owing to use of the pesticides,” Shiva said during event on desi (local) seeds by Bharatiya Krishak Samaj here.

India has become dependent on imports of oil-seeds and pulses when they were actually introduced to the world by the country, she added.

Shiva said farmers were under stress due to harmful effects of Genetically Modified Bt Cotton variety.

Krishan Bir Chaudhary of the Samaj said farmers should have all rights to freely breed, sell, exchange and buy seeds.


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