Economist Surjit Bhalla resigns as part-time member of Economic Advisory Council of Prime Minister

Surjit S Bhalla (Photo: Twitter)

Economist Surjit Bhalla has resigned as a part-time member of the Economic Advisory Council of the Prime Minister (EAC-PM) effective December 1. His resignation has been accepted by the Prime Minister. In his resignation request, he had stated that he would be joining some other organisation.

Mr Bhalla on Tuesday tweeted his article on forecast of Elections 2019 “written as Contributing Editor Indian Express & Consultant @Network18Group”. He also stated that he resigned as part-time member EAC-PM on December 1.

“Am in the TV studios CNN IBN ; as I explained in my 6.30 am tweet I resigned from the pmeac and the reasons were also given – consultancy with CNN IBN and work on a book about indian elections since 1952 and my resignation was effective Dec 1 when I joined CNN IBN,” he has tweeted today.

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