For Jay Shah story Nitish needs to read a news-portal, not newspapers

Nitish Kumar greets newly appointed governor of Bihar Satypal Malik

Somewhat funny, nevertheless true. When asked by the media on Monday to comment on the Jay Shah episode, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar said “I haven’t read the newspapers so it is not proper to comment.”

His remarks sounded rather hilarious as the story on BJP chief Amit Shah’s son was actually published in the news-portal and not any newspaper.

In fact many newspapers – and even television channels – chose to ignore the story. In contrast all of them carried the denial by railway minister Piyush Goyal and the BJP’s threat to file defamation suit against the owner, editor and reporter of

In fact most TV channels even blacked out Congress leader Kapil Sibal’s Press conference. In such a situation instead of talking about the website,, Nitish Kumar offered the excuse that he had not read the newspapers.

Needless to say, a chief minister need not necessarily read the newspapers like common citizens. There already exists an Information and Public Relations Department, which keeps him informing with the latest news. How in such a situation a chief minister, engineer by qualification, says that he has not read the newspapers of the day.

Said an analyst: “He could have parried the question or like the BJP leaders hotly denied that any wrong thing had happened.”

Nitish did not stop here. He said that he does “not understand the complexities of investment through companies.”

Analysts are surprised over his statement as his party, along with the BJP, is carrying out a campaign against alleged shell companies of Lalu Prasad Yadav’s family.

“Is he doing so without knowing anything? asked a political commentator.

In fact Nitish had in the past launched a campaign against the fodder scam in Bihar. His own government is now under attack for Rs 1,300 crore Fund Transfer Scam, also known as Srijan Scam, in Bhagalpur district. The CBI is probing the latter.

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