Former IIT Professor Dr. Ram Puniyani gets threat calls

Former IIT Professor and civil rights activist Dr. Ram Puniyani received threat calls from two unidentified callers yesterday night (on June 06, 2019) on his residential landline phone.

Dr. Puniyani has filed an FIR with the Mumbai police.

Yesterday night (June 06, 2019) at 8.30 pm Prof Ram Puniyani got two telephone calls. “The caller did not identify himself. He started abusing me in a filthy language and then stated that I should stop my activities and leave, else… He said we give you the time of 15 days.  Five minutes later there was another call. This time in a very aggressive tone,” Puniyani told the media.

Ram has filed a complaint with the local police in Mumbai and has sent the representation to the Mumbai Police Commissioner.

Earlier on March 09,2019, three unidentified visitors had come over on the pretext of inquiry for his passport application, which he had not applied for. He had then submitted CCTV footage of these plainclothes men but Police showed no action.

Ram Puniyani, a former professor of IIT-Bombay has been working on communal harmony and civil rights. He organises workshops, speaks at seminars and writes on social and political issues.

“This is extremely concerning and disturbing. My family is worried about my safety. I hope the authorities take this seriously. This is not the first time that I have faced such intimidation,” Puniyani said.

The recent threat to Puniyani seems grave because rationalists like Govind Pansare, Narendra Dabholkar, Gauri Lankesh and M.M. Kalburgi were murdered by right wing activists.

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