Former IPS officer Amitabh Kumar Das comes out in support of the jailed social activist Udayan Chandra Roy

Udayan Chandra Roy at his Kilkari centre in Patna with kids on republic day

-Amitabh Kumar Das

Former IPS officer Amitabh Kumar Das has come out in support of the jailed social activist Udayan Chandra  Roy . Read his exclusive piece here.

Strange are the ways of the Indian law enforcement system. Nirav Modi has siphoned off Rs 12000 crore. And this diamond merchant is enjoying himself in London, wearing an ostrich-skin jacket! Vijay Mallya has looted Rs 9000 crore from a poor country, Mera Bharat Mahaan, and the flamboyant tycoon is smoking expensive cigars in London. Mehul Choksi took Rs 800 crore from India and now he is an honourable citizen of Antigua, far from the clutches of law-enforcement agencies. And Dawood Ibrahim, India’s most wanted, is watching mujras in Pakistan after killing hundreds in Bombay bomb blasts. And here in Patna, the ancient Pataliputra, a committed social activist Udayan Chandra Roy has been languishing behind bars in the Phulwari Jail as her old mother runs from pillar to post to get him bail.

I have known Udayan for years. He is like a younger brother to me. And the Patna police which dare not touch mafia dons like Anant Singh, have sent him to jail for a WhatsApp post. I have seen the post and I find nothing objectionable with it. Udayan was only cautioning the public against communal riots. By no stretch of imagination, this is a crime. On the contrary, Udayan was only doing his duty as a responsible citizen. But the super cops of Patna who break into sweat at the mention of Anant Singh’s name (given his proximity to Sushasan Babu) promptly picked him up and sent him to jail.

Udayan has done a lot to uphold communal harmony in our polarised, hate-filled society. He teaches poor children living in Patna slums. He has ruffled feathers of vested interests. They are trying to fix him. But going to prison will only add another feather to Udayan Roy’cap. His friends have advised him to write a jail diary. I look forward to reading it. I have been constantly talking to his old mother on her cellphone and trying to keep her spirits high.

Nowadays, India is being run by the mafia and upright Indians are facing surgical strikes! Well done, Udayan. I am proud of you. I hope that the honourable court will grant you bail sooner than later. Keep your head always high. Going to prison for a just cause is a matter of pride. As they say, Lord Krishna was born in a prison. The jail-yatra will make you a better human being.

Satyamev Jayate!

(Mr. Amitabh Kumar Das is a former IPS officer.)

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