Hardik refuses police security, says BJP wants to keep tabs on him

Hardik Patel refuses police security

-TMC Desk

Gandhinagar, Nov 6  Patidar leader Hardik Patel has refused police protection provided by the Gujarat government, which he alleged was a ploy by the ruling BJP to spy on him.

Hardik Patel feels the BJP government wants to spy on him in the guise of security and mark his each and every move, while the state government says the security is being provided for security purposes in an election period.

The Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader told the police control room and Superintendent of Police that he doesn’t need the police protection provided without his asking for it.

Patel has alleged the BJP government had planted spies in the guise of police personnel. He said he had not demanded police protection at all.

The young Patel leader said on his Twitter account that he had to make space for the police man in his vehicle and also offer him meals. Patel said he is ready for police protection provided the police make arrangements for separate vehicles and meals for the security personnel.

“Why do they have to place a personnel alongside with me in my car and keep a check on whatever I am doing, whom I am calling or talking to? They can keep their security in another vehicle which can go alongside my vehicle,” he tweeted.

The state police had provided Patel the security citing serious threat to his life.

Responding to that, the Patidar leader has refused the security and formally given it in writing to the police.

He said on Twitter, “My security is my community and the people of Gujarat and I don’t need any other security.”


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