Hollywood, Bollywood are propaganda machines: Rose McGowan

Actress Rose McGowan (file photo). Image credit: Deseretnews.com.

–TMC Desk

New Delhi, 01 December, 2017 Actress Rose McGowan called Hollywood and Bollywood propaganda machines, saying that they try to tell how a man or a woman should function.

“I started acting in Hollywood around 20 years ago accidentally, and through the time I have realized that it is not different from any (other industry). The veil of secrecy is so intense…Hollywood and Bollywood are propaganda machines. They tell how a man should be or a woman should be or a gay should be. It is set up by men in power,” McGowan said while speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit here on Friday.

McGowan had accused Hollywood producer Harry Weinstein of sexual assault, and started the #MeToo hash tag to raise awareness about sexual harassment. It soon became a movement with people from all quarters coming forward to share their experience of sexual assault.

McGowan feels “for every #MeToo hashtag, there’s a #Ididit too”.

She feels Hollywood is “just a microcosm of the problems across the world”.

“It (what’s happening now with women coming forward to stand up for the wrong) scares men, and it’s okay to be uncomfortable,” added the actress.

The “Charmed” actress is dedicated to change things for good.

“We need to get back to humanity. And the only way to do is address the issue. I know we can change things,” she added.



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