“How can men be pure if women are impure”,: BJP MP on Sabarimala issue

BJP Dalit MP Dr. Udit Raj (Photo Courtesy: Indian Express)

The day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about to a woman judge’s dissenting order on entry of women into Sabarimala Temple, his party colleague and Dalit Lok Sabha MP struck a contrarian note. Welcoming the entry of two women in the shrine early Wednesday, Udit Raj said that he wanted women to enter the shrine as “a majority of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Ambedkarites have backed the Supreme Court verdict lifting the ban on menstruating women’s entry.”

“In my personal capacity & chairman of Parisangh I support the entry of women in ayyappa temple. How woman can be impure when man is born from her.God is omnipresent means he is out of temple too. In the eyes of constitution both genders are equal” tweeted Udit Raj.

Asked about the fact that several BJP leaders, including the Prime Minister, have cited tradition to object to the Supreme Court’s order lifting the ban on women’s entry, Raj said: “Traditions, if they are bad, are to be broken. Did we not oppose and end child marriage, Sati and the tax on covering breast for women in Kerala? Traditions, if they are redundant, have to end.”

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