Humanism prevails over Communalism: Danish Alam from Begusarai helping his neighbour to save his life

Nitish in the ICU (Left), Danish Alam (Upper Left), Nitish Kumar (Lower Left)

Since Begusarai, once called Leningrad in Bihar, became a parliamentary constituency of motormouth BJP leader Giriraj Singh, it has become a hotbed of Hindu-Muslim conflicts. Before the Lok Sabha elections, a man named Kasim was shot by another person saying that what he was doing there and should have gone to Pakistan. This man named Kasim still feels the prick of that bullet.

According to a report published in the BBC recently, there have been several incidents of Hindu-Muslim conflicts there and at least four FIRs have also been filed related to this enmity. You can read the BBC report in Hindi here.

Amidst all this, when Begusarai is fighting with Corona and mutual hatred, Danish Alam is ready to sacrifice everything to save life of his neighbour Nitish Kumar.

On the fateful night of April 11, when Nitish was returning from his sister’s place staying in Barauni flag was badly hit by an unknown vehicle near Birania Bazar. He got seriously injured and fainted. When one passerby looked at who knew him reported it to his neighbour Danish. After receiving the news, Danish reached the spot and got him admitted to the Lifeline Hospital in Barauni. In this accident, Nitish’s neck got several fractures and he gets on and off unconscious. After 24 hours of treatment in Barauni, when his condition did not better, he was referred to Patna on 12 April. He has been undergoing treatment at the Ruban Hospital in Patna for 10 days. Nitish is still in ICU. Nitish is being looked after by his elder brother and Danish in Patna.

Nitish’s condition remains critical and till now four lakhs have been spent on him. To meet the cost of his treatment, Danish spent all his savings he had for his future plans.

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Danish Alam is a cricketer and has played at the state level for the Under 23 team of Bihar. The money that Danish had received from the match, spent on Nitish’s treatment. Nitish’s elder brother Prakash told this reporter over the phone.

Nitish’s father is disabled and his mother does odd jobs. Nitish used to work in a bookstore in Barauni and he and his elder brother had the responsibility of homely affairs.

Danish is collecting the expenses of Nitish’s treatment by appealing to his friends and on Facebook. Danish says that so far there has been little help from the unknown people. We have met all the expenses by receiving funds from our friends. But now little money is left with us.

“In a climate of hatred, when Muslims are being projected as enemies of the country and the society, you are helping your Hindu neighbour,” Nitish says, when asked this question, that spreading hatred is the job of politicians, who makes their living out of it. Our job is to spread love and climate of hatred does make no difference at all.

“Yes. Muslims helping Hindus and vice versa will surely hurt those hatemongers. Our job is what we are doing and what they do, they are free to do,” said Danish.

Talking on the phone, Nitish’s elder brother Prakash cries and says that Danish Bhaiya (elder brother) is Godly to them. He appealed to everyone to cooperate with him in saving his brother.

“We no longer have money left. Please save my brother,” he said.

Those who want to help Nitish can donate in this account.

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