In Bihar, dreaded Criminals keep licensed pistol

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His possessing a licensed pistol is a matter of serious concern and it should be investigated. If dreaded criminals have a privilege to get a licensed weapon, Bihar is no way ‘Sushasan’.

Bihar like Uttar Pradesh, a fertile land of criminal notoriety and corruption is again a land for dreaded criminals to have a privilege to get a licensed pistol. Surprised? It is surprising but true.

The truth unearthed when yesterday on Sunday evening, chief of Pandav gang Sanjay Singh was attacked by a gang of criminals in Nadwa Market, a few kilometres away from the state capital when he was there to buy vegetables with his gunman.

According to a report published in Hindustan Hindi, Patna edition, when he was shot, he fired back at the attackers with his licensed pistol and his gunman which the Daily reported as his bodyguard also fired at them and frightened them off.

Local sources say that Sanjay Singh was seriously injured but saved by his gunman aka bodyguard. According to unconfirmed sources, he was referred to PMCH. His condition is said to be critical.

Sanjay Singh lives in Nima village of Dhanarua Block of Patna district. He had founded a gang of upper caste mainly Rajputs and was a terror for Dalits and Lower Caste Hindus.

He is accused in scores of serious cases of murder, kidnapping and extortion.

According to a report published in The Telegraph, Sanjay Singh and his gang was involved in infamous Rohtas killing.

Pandav gang was supposedly a split of Ranvir Sena, the most infamous army of upper caste Hindus accused of genocide of the poor and the Dalit to maintain their supremacy in the state. The outfit was infamously known for the Bathe Massacre in which 58 Dalits were killed. All its members were released from the charges by the Patna High Court.

In the first decade of 2000, during the Rabri regime, the gang was very active in Jahanabad, Nalanda and Purnea. Police had then in 2004 arrested his gang members with his wife and were sent to judicial custody at Beur jail. Police team had seized sophisticated arms from their possession. His wife was recently arrested third time in 2018 from her Exhibition road on a ransom charge. She was also arrested in 1998 from Kankerbagh. She has also contested for assembly election from Paliganj.

Former Pandav gang chief is said to be busy in gaining government contracts nowadays and supposedly away from organised crime. However, the cases against him and his wife are still pending.

If dreaded criminals have a privilege to get a licensed weapon, Bihar is no way ‘Sushasan’, isn’t it?

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