Is Nitish going to be deputy Prime Minister?

Grapevine has it that Nitish kumar may be inducted to central cabinet as Deputy prime minister cum home minster if his party JDU severe ties with Grand alliance coalition partners RJD and congress.

Until now it was widely speculated and also found some credence from few statements by state BJP leaders that JDU’s Nitish kumar will continue to be the Chief Minister even after abandoning grand alliance with the support of saffron party.

However, unconfirmed source from within JDU has come with this new story that Nitish Kumar may join Modi government as no.2. According to the source, Nitish Kumar enjoys good rapport with PM Narendra Modi and given his ’good governance’ and ‘clean image’ identity, the central BJP government will be more than willing to draw him in its rank.

Provided that Venkaiah Naidu has left the cabinet in the wake of his candidature as vice president, a cabinet reshuffle and expansion is on the card.

Nitish Kumar enthusiastically supported the demonetisation, then he went on to Support GST and recently Nitish’s JDU has backed BJP’s Ram Nath Kovind in presidential election. Narendra Modi too reciprocated and once admired Nitish for his alcohol Ban.

While the veracity of such gossips is yet to be confirmed , it would be interesting as Nitish Kumar previously parted his ways from the BJP on the ground that Narendra Modi was chosen as the prime ministerial candidate. On another occasion he cancelled the dinner for all the national executive members of BJP including Narendra Modi. Now, what has suddenly changed?

Shams Khan is a journalist based in Patna.

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