Israel strikes six Hamas military targets in Gaza

Israeli fighter jets. Image credit:

–TMC Desk

Jerusalem, Feb 18: The Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets targeted a total of six military targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, in response to the detonation of an explosive device on the border fence in southern Gaza.

These specific military targets belonging to the Hamas organization were attacked, Xinhua quoted a statement issued by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

The IDF statements said a number of terror sites were targeted in the large-scale attack, including an offensive terror tunnel built by the Hamas organization in the Zaytun neighbourhood towards Israeli territory; a military compound in the area of Deir ElBalah which belongs to the Hamas, including weapon manufacturing sites.

Earlier in the day, the IDF said that an explosive device was detonated against IDF troops adjacent to the security fence near the southern Gaza Strip.

Four IDF soldiers were injured, of which two severely, one moderately and one lightly. All the wounded were evacuated to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

Saturday’s incident on the Gaza Strip border is severe, said the Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu in a statement released on Saturday evening. “We will respond appropriately and I send my wishes for a quick recovery to the wounded.”

The IDF views with great severity the incident in which popular and seemingly spontaneous demonstrations were used for terrorist activity and an attempt to destabilize the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas is accountable for this incident and its consequences, as well as everything happening in and from the Gaza Strip, above and below ground, said the Israeli army.

The IDF is determined to provide the civilians of Israel safety and security and will do so by all means at its disposal, said the IDF.


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