Manmohan remembers Indira, says society facing danger of deepening divisiveness

Indira Gandhi was assassinated on 31 October 1984 in New Delhi

-The TMC Desk

New Delhi, Oct 31 Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday remembered former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on her 33rd death anniversary, saying the message of her life and work needed to be remembered today “at a time when our society is facing a danger of deepening divisiveness”.

“It was Indira Gandhi’s firm belief, that without social harmony and understanding of each other’s among India’s diverse people, it was not possible for our country to grow and prosper,” said Singh at the Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration, which was conferred upon Carnatic music vocalist T.M. Krishna.

“As we pay homage to her, this message of her life and work needs to be thoroughly remembered today, at a time when our society is facing a danger of deepening divisiveness. Today on Gandhiji’s martyrdom day, we as a people and country, need to reaffirm these values,” he added.

Singh said: “True patriotism demands that we follow the path shown by Indira Gandhi and work for social and regional cohesion even as we celebrate our diversity.”

Congratulating T. M Krishna, Singh said: “He is an extraordinary gifted musician. He is a celebrated vocalist in the Carnatic tradition of Indian music, who has been enthralling music lovers ever since he gave his first concert at the tender age of 12 years.”


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