No EVM, Back to Ballot Paper: National Consultation Meeting against EVMs Held

Sanjay Singh (AAP), Rajendra Gautam (AAP), Nana Patole (INC), Danish Ali (BSP), Javed Ali (SP), Nilotpal Basu (CPM), Retd. Justice Kolse Patil (JDS) and D. Raja (CPI) expressed their views and supported the call for a People's Movement against the EVMs

A “National Consultation Meeting against EVMs – Back to Ballot Paper”, was held at the Constitution Club, New Delhi, on the 14th of July 2019. Representatives of Social Movements from 16 States were present at the meeting. The meeting included representatives of the farmers, trade unions, women, student and youth organisations.

The National Consultation was organised and headed by the National Conveners that included Ravi Bhilane, Feroze Mithiborwala, Dr. Sunilam, Shabnam Hashmi, Jyoti Badekar and Dhananjay Shinde.

The meeting focussed upon the EVM-VVPAT Fraud being perpetrated on the nation and the fact that our entire election process, the Election Commission itself, has been subverted. This unprecedented situation poses a grave risk to the very foundations of our democracy, our Constitution and our Institutions.

In the Session on the EVM-VVPAT, the Technical Experts clearly stated that the EVMs-VVPATs can be subverted and are clearly pre-programmable. They went on to affirm that the elections results were clearly manipulated and stolen. The experts included Dr. Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta & Dr. Ramesh Bellakonda & Dhananjay Shinde. Ravi Nair an investigative journalist and Adv. Prasanna, both pointed out the facts & the serious doubts and questions on this count.

In the Session on the Action Programme and the Structure of the Andolan, it was resolved that massive Long Marches & Nationwide Protests be held on the 9th of August, when Mahatma Gandhiji have the clarion call – British Quit India!! Thus we have appealed to the people to organise massive protests and categorically state – EVMS QUIT INDIA! EVM HATAO – DESH BACHAO – BALLOT PAPER LAO!

The house also agreed to hold a Day of Dharnas/Protests and organise Press Conferences to announce the same across the country. The entire call for action was unanimously endorsed by all the participants.

In order to take the andolan ahead, the house resolved that a nationwide organisational structure be created. It was agreed that a National Working Committee, State and City Committees be formed. A National Council would be formed to include a member from each of the member oganisations, right down to the grassroot level.

Also invited were leaders of the various political parties, to spell out their position on the burning issue. Thus Sanjay Singh (AAP), Rajendra Gautam (AAP), Nana Patole (INC), Danish Ali (BSP), Javed Ali (SP), Nilotpal Basu (CPM), Retd. Justice Kolse Patil (JDS) and D. Raja (CPI), all expressed their views and supported the call for a People’s Movement against the EVMs.

The House passed a unanimous resolution calling for an end to the use of the EVMs and a return to the Ballot Paper, in order to save our democracy, our nation.

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