Omar Abdullah advises Sumitra Mahajan to honour her post

LS Speaker Sumitra Mahajan (Photo: Twitter)

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister advised Sumitra Mahajan who is the speaker of lower house of Indian Parliament that she should abstain from delivering political satire being the speaker of Lok Sabha and save her comments for days when she will not hold the post.

“Ma’am you are the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Can you save the cheap shots for when you no longer occupy that high office,” Omar tweeted today.

His tweet is actually an answer to the Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan’s comment that Priyanka Gandha entered into politics because Rahul failed and she would help him in politics.

Sumitra Mahajan had on Thursday that Gandhi-Vadra’s appointment into Congress meant that Rahul Gandhi has admitted that he can’t do politics by himself and he needed his sister’s help.

“She (Priyanka Gandhi Vadra) is a good woman, & Rahul Ji has accepted he can’t do politics all alone, and for that he is taking Priyanka’s help. It is a good thing,” ANI quoted her as saying.

Dr Kumar Vishvas also hit out at Sumitra Mahajan satirically reminding her of holding constitutional post.

“Honourable Aunty! You hold constitutional post of Lok Sabha speaker. (Reminder),”he tweeted.

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