Patna University Students Union Election: Is it JD-U vs BJP?

Patna University

Election in Patna University Students Union is to be held tomorrow and two rounds of violence have already occurred. A few candidates have suffered injury. Police have raided refuges of ABVP leaders. With police raids on ABVP leaders whereabouts, the BJP leaders hit out at Nitish Kumar for bullying opponent student leaders and manipulating administration for ensuring his candidate’s victory. Matter got worse when Janata Dal United’s Vice president was attacked after his meeting with Patna University Vice Chancellor Rasbihari SIngh.

Prashant Kishore was allegedly attacked by ABVP supporters last night. One of ABVP leaders Ravi Karn was arrested and released after a day by Patna police today after BJP leaders staged dharna against the arrest at police station.

BJP has been alleging that Prashant was trying to influence the students’ union elections in favour of JDU.

Irked by his repeated interference in the upcoming students union election, four BJP legislators had issued a press statement slamming Kishor.

A BJP delegation led by MLA Nitin Navin met governor Lalji Tandon on Monday night soon after Prashant Kishor met the Vice Chancellor at his residence followed by him being attacked by students. The BJP delegation demanded the Governor to conduct the Patna University Students Union elections in the free and fair manner.

It may be mentioned that campaigning for the December 5 elections ended at 5 pm on December 3 and the model code of conduct was in place.

According to rules, no leader of any political party could enter the college premises after the end of campaigning and therefore Prashant Kishor’s meeting with PU VC raised eyebrows. Reportedly, he met VC with the intention to pressurise him to ensure the victory of JDU in the elections.

Patna University had organised a presidential debate yesterday in which each candidate was given 5 minutes to express his plans for university. Security, appointment of teachers, setting up of advanced labs, installation of cameras and the status of central university for the university have been main issues.

NSUI presidential candidate Syed Ali Raza Hashmi though has a different say. While talking to the Morning Chronicle he said that university lacked democracy and should have got rid of it. He said he would strive to restore democracy in the university and remove bureaucracy from here which is the root cause of all evils.

JD-U candidate and son of an influential businessman Narenda Singh, Mohit Prakash in his presidential speech said that he wanted the university get status of central university.

Candidates campaigning in university

Bhagya Bharti, a lone female candidate for presidential seat alleged that candidates who are fighting this election are eyeing on MP and MLA ticket from their respective parties. She urged students to vote for a candidate who is not government sponsored rather than one who can fight for improving situation in the university.

Bihar Opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav also criticised Nitish Kumar for involving himself in this election.

“The unprecedented manner in which Nitish Kumar is unabashedly muddying his hands in University politics, overlooking ethics, misusing CM residence & state machinery to bully rival student wings shows his dictatorial mindset, insecurity & desperation! Why doesn’t he campaign in PU?” Tejashwi tweeted.

Although it seems elections have shrunk to BJP vs JD U, local Congress leader Kashif Yunus who has been campaigning for its candidate is sure about Hashmi’s win. “BJP and JD U have internally made a pact and whatever scuffle is appearing in public is just en eyewash to confuse the students,” he said.

Jan Adhikar Party is also hopeful to get its presidential seat in its own account. “In the last election, we had scored second in presidential election and this time the way we have worked we will surely win,” said a student leader of the party.

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