PM Modi asks first-time voters to dedicate their vote to Balakot airstrike team, Pulwama jawans

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday asked the first-time voters to dedicate their first vote to the Indian Air Force team that carried out the air strike in Pakistan’s Balakot and also to the CRPF personnel killed in the Pulwama terror attack. The PM, speaking at a rally in Latur of Maharashtra, said, “Can your first vote be dedicated to those who carried out the air strike in Balakot?”

“Can your first vote be dedicated to providing pucca houses to the poor. Shouldn’t your first vote go for providing water in fields of the farmers,” he said. “Could you vote for ‘healthcare for all’ and the Ayushman Bharat scheme.”

He said the Congress and its associates can never understand the needs of the farmers.

The Prime Minister alleged that the Congress, if voted to power, is planning to end the law on treason and Pakistan wants that those who commit treason against India get a free hand. “Congress has declared that they will give license to those abusing the country and repeating tukde-tukde, and end the laws on treason. Pakistan wants the same,” Modi said.

Modi, who stressed on nationalism while releasing the party’s manifesto on Monday, said that the security of India is their pledge while the Congress has an anti-India mindset. “The Dhakosla patra (manifesto) of the Congress says the same thing as Pakistan,” Modi added.

Later, addressing a rally in Chitradurga, Karnataka, Modi said “We attacked terror in Pakistan, but some people in India felt the pain. The CM here went a step further. He said the valour of our forces should not be talked about, it damages his vote bank. I want to ask him, is your vote bank in India or Pakistan?”

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