The Accidental Prime Minister is not about Manmohan Singh, it is about Sonia and Rahul

Anupam Kher as Dr Manmohan Singh in movie (Videograb from the movie's official trailer)

It is clear for a wise man to understand The Accidental Prime Minister is not a movie, it is an ad film.


The Accidental Prime Minister is going to release this Friday. Its official trailer has crossed 6.5 crores of views. The way the film has been named shows it is about Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, though it is not. It is about Sonia and Rahul.

Anupan Kher, a big propagandist in Bollywood of Narendra Modi and BJP and husband of the parliamentarian Kiran Kher is playing Dr. Manmohan Singh. Akshay Khanna is playing Sanjay Baru whose book by the same name the film is based on.

In the beginning of its official trailer, it is said “Mujhe to Doctor Sahab Bhishm Jaise Lagte Hain Jinmen Koi Buraai Nahi Hai Par Family Drama Ke Victim Ho Gae” (To me, Doctor Sahab is like Bhishm who has no evils, but he is a victim of family drama). Bhishm Pitamah is a central character of Mahabharat who sacrifices his life for the welfare of Kauravas. The message lies here.

The trailer also shows Sonia Gandhi dictating to Dr. Manmohan Singh on different issues including Kashmir one.

Agar Aap Pakistan Ke Sath Shanti Ka Samjhauta Karenge to Naye Prime Minister Kya Karenge (If you make a peace treaty with Pakistan then what will new Prime Minister do),” Sonia Gandhi stops Singh on his willingness to find a solution to Kashmir issue by bilateral talks between two nations.

In one narration, Sanjay Baru, the writer of book says “Poori Dilli ke Darbaar Men EK  hi to khabar thi ki Dr Sahab ko Kursi se Kab Hataaenge aur Kab Party Rahulji Ka Abhishek Karegi.” (Entire Delhi durbar had only one talk, when party will remove Manmohan Singh and Rahulji will be crowned.)

In another scene of dialogue between Sonia and Manmohan Singh, Manmohan Singh asks Sonia that he wants to resign. In his reply, Sonia says, in the environment of corruption after corruption in UPA, how can Rahul take over in this situation. Here another message lies for the voters of general elections 2019.

You can understand the importance of this movie for the BJP that Bhartiya Janta Party had promoted the trailer through their official twitter account. Moreover, PM Narendra Modi is another movie being made with Vivek Oberio playing role of Narendra Modi. Its poster was released by the CM of Maharashtra. How official it is!

It is clear for a wise man to understand it is not a movie, it is an ad film.

Intention behind film making is clear. Modi Sarkaar Phir Ek Baar (Modi Government Once More).

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