This Egyptian Woman has been carrying her husband on her back for five years

Heba Alsayed Carrying her husband on her back (Snapshot of the video of AJ)

When people unite on merely materialistic benefits in this world and deep dark is seen in our bonds, a story of love and relationship from Cairo, Egypt inspires us and helps us strengthen our family values and ignites our hope in humanity.

Heba Alsayed, a resident of Cairo has been carrying her husband around on her back for five years. The 32-year-old Heba has been married to Khaled for 14 years. His many health problems made him unable to move around.

“I have been on dialysis for six years. I suffer from kidney failure. I have hepatitis B and , osteoporosis, an enlarged liver, a weak heart limited mobility in my left arm.” Khaled Albadawy Mahmoud Al-Jad’a told Al Jazeera.

Heba Carrying Downstairs Her Husband on Back

When Heba could not afford a wheelchair for Khaled to get around, she offered to carry him instead.

“When I first offered to carry him he rejected the idea because of what people might say. I told him, “Who cares?” Heba Alsayed told Al Jazeera.

“But the sight baffles people, they state and think it’s strange. I sometimes carry him, on my shoulder other times on my back. I go down with him, I go out onto the street. I look for a rickshaw or a car. I take him to do his dialysis three times a week one day on and one day off. He does not have a job. I have been the only one working [ever since]. I have been collecting cardboard and plastic and similar materials from dumpsters to increase our income our income on top of our pension.” She added.

Heba damaged her spine from carrying her husband so much. “I carry him so much. I used to carry him for long periods of time even up the stairs. Doctors told me not to carry anything heavy on my back. I told them I am not carrying something heavy I am carrying my husband.” She sobbed while talking.

Heba’s story went viral on social media and people donated a wheel chair so she could move Khaled around more easily.

“I have never thought about leaving him. He is my husband and the father of my children.” She further said.

When her husband ask her to divorce him, she says only death will lead them apart.
To Heba, her husband is like her one more kid who she prepares for everything. She combs, she dresses, she nurses. Heba is a lesson for every human being who has lost hope in human relationship.

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