Who is RJD’s Sheohar Candidate Syed Faisal Ali?

Lok Sabha Candidate of RJD Syed Faisal Ali
Lok Sabha Candidate of RJD from Sheohar seat Syed Faisal Ali

After a long suspense, the RJD on Saturday announced the name of Syed Faisal Ali as its Lok Sabha candidate from Sheohar.

Syed Faisal Ali is a renowned journalist hailing from Gaya and known for his proximity with Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress Senior Leader Ahmad Patel.

Nomination of Syed Ali is a setback to Tej Pratap’s demand as his own candidate for Sheohar seat. Tej wanted Agnesh Singh for the Sheohar seat.

Syed has been a Group Head of Sahara Urdu Publication and Alami Sahara-TV. He Previously worked as Editor, Arab News, a leading English language daily of Saudi Arabia. Faisal Ali also reported for many Indian and International Newspapers and News Channels including NDTV and ETV.

He is among a very journalists who switched language of journalism from English to Urdu. He runs his own newspaper ‘Sach Ki Awaz’.

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