Will Nitish Kumar still support Gopal Krishna Gandhi, the UPA’s vice presidential nominee?

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Nitish kumar will have to soon go through the taste of his own medicine when in Vice president Election he will face a dilemma whether to side with UPA’s vice president Nominee as he previously promised or to go by his present ally NDA’s candidate Venkaiah Naidu.

Bihar Chief Minister has had a history of supporting candidates of his liking irrespective of his political alignments. He had supported Pranab Mukherjee in 2012 instead of his then coalition, NDA’s nominee, P N Sangma. And recently while he was part of the UPA, his party JDU voted for NDA’s presidential candidate, Ram Nath Kovind.

At a time when RSS and BJP are running a campaign against Gandhi’ grandson Gopal Krishna Gandhi, political observers are looking at the event as a test of Nitish Kumar’s political character – would he still defy his alliance decision which he so often did – after JDU’s realignment with NDA.

More so, it is also interesting as just after his resignation from Grand alliance talking to media persons Nitish invoked Mahatma Gandhi and quoting the father of Nation he said, ‘needs can be met but greed has no end’.

Indeed, it may be easiest of the upcoming decisions to assert his party’s independence in important policy decision. Since Gopal Krishna Gandhi association with Mahatma Gandhi coupled with his grand stature as a statesman and Nitish’s beforehand commitment will provide substantial ground for him to convince NDA.

Shams Khan is a journalist based in Patna.


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